Accommodation at the production units as well as in town is kept in perfect condition by a permanent building team under the supervision of Marshall Hendricks and creates a sense of pride in what is entrusted and being done for me as an employee of the company. Water is free and rubbish is removed weekly.

Electricity is subsidised. Lawns are mowed free of charge. An annual house inspection in December is held after which house bonuses are paid to all employees for good housekeeping. An annual garden competition takes place with prizes sponsored by the employer.

​Those not staying on the farm is paid a housing allowance. The workers who prefer to buy their own houses in Villiersdorp is financially enabled to do so through the allocating of a special home allowance. This is discussed between the financial director of the company and the employee.

A community hall is under the workers committees’ control for community use or renting out the facility. People working on the farms for a period of twenty plus years are honoured by putting their names on a public display board. The men can then also choose a road (street) on the farm which will be named after them by putting up a permanent road sign.

​Cattle and Pig sties were erected so any worker who is interested can keep his own animals, be it as a constant supply of milk, meat or for breeding purposes. Feed will be purchased in bulk by the company and the costs shared by the individual “farmers”.

​Shared land is available for those employees who want to have their own vegetable farming as well. Water and fertilizers are free.



All workers are allowed to use the vehicles of the farms for private use if it is driven by our designated drivers.  Weekly transport to town for shopping, church, doctor’s visits and moving furniture is available on fixed schedules or if applied for.

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